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The Virtues of Ranger Bob

The Virtues of Ranger Bob

Tonight I’m thinking about Ranger Bob. It would have been his birthday today.

Like he did for so many others, he gave me an eternity of life lessons, one summer at a time. He’ll always be my definition of a great leader. The “Virtues of Ranger Bob” have shaped who I’ve become and continue to drive who I want to be.

Bob embodied hard work, with his unrivaled work ethic and never ending quest to do good. He was kind in a way I’ve never seen again. A friend (and a pal) to everyone. He was selfless, charming, and absolutely hilarious. He rescued me when I buried my dad's Jeep in the mud. And he knew the perfect time to give advice.

Ranger Bob

Ranger Bob has become a man of legend. The sole subject of tall tales that get repeated around the campfire. “He was bit by a rattlesnake and just walked to the hospital”, “He shoveled all the snow in the parking lot by hand”, “He could predict rain down to the minute”. Except they were all true. Guys like this are rare. I’m honored that we crossed paths. I only wish that I had known him longer.

Happy Birthday RB.