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On taking the time to make time

On taking the time to make time

Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, I went for a short hike today in the 650 acres of Blendon Woods Metro Park. Walking alone, I adopted a quick pace. It wasn’t a race, nor was I aiming for a workout. I just had more plans for the day and was thinking about what was next. Whatever the reason, I kept that hurried pace.

Until I came up behind an elderly couple walking in front of me. I was forced to slow down. At first a nuisance, upon closer look they were holding hands and stopping every few minutes. Not because they were unable to continue or slowed by age. But to look at the birds, the squirrels, the stream and the woods around us. In my mind, I imagined they were married for decades, retired and set out to enjoy the day just like me.

“Stillness is what aims the archer’s arrow. It inspires new ideas. It sharpens perspective and illuminates connections.”
Ryan Holiday, Stillness is the Key

Then I realized… they had decided to spend their precious time to enjoing the outdoors today. Time to breathe in the fresh air and savor the outdoors scenery. I had time too, yet I chose to rush my outdoor experience. In a hurry to the next thing on my list.

So why wait for life to give you time to do the things that make you happy?

We all can claim ownership of our time.

Slow down.

Take the time, to make time, for the things you really want.